Destination Imagination

Are you creative? Do you like to build things? Do you like to be part of a team?

If you answered yes to these items, then you might want to start a Destination Imagination Team. Destination Imagination, or DI for short, is an extracurricular competition where students solve open ended challenges through creativity and teamwork. The teams present their solutions at a competitive tournament. The regional tournament for the 2017-2018 school year will be held on February 17th at Cedar Ridge High School in Round Rock.


Texas has over 3,000 teams and 21,000+ students that participate every year, making it the largest participant in Destination Imagination. Any child from Kindergarten to college is eligible to participate.

How do I find out more about DI?

Please visit the Destination Imagination website at: Here you will find the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY of DI. You will also be able to see previews of each of the 6 challenges available to the students. Check out the 2017-2018 challenges at: 2017-2018 Challenge Previews

How many students can be on a team?

Up to seven students can participate on a team. Students do not have to be in the same grade, but should be at the same age level. (elementary, middle, or high school)

Who coaches the team?

All DI “Team Managers” are volunteers. Most often the Team Manager is a parent of one of the team members.

How much time is involved?

The amount of time involved is completely dependent on the team. Some teams may practice 1-2 hours per week and then as they get closer to the competition they may practice 5-10 hours per week. The team will have the greatest chance for success if they are prepared in advance.

How much does DI Cost?

The fees are minimal per team member because each team challenge has budget limits on it. I am interested in my student participating in Destination Imagination. Please complete the Destination Imagination Interest Form at this link: DI Interest Form

How do I start my own team?

Step 1: Gather your team members together.

Step 2: Go to

Step 3: Go to the pull down menu: “GET INVOLVED” and click “START A TEAM”

Step 3: Follow the instructions on the screen to start your team.

Step 4: Schedule your team meetings and get started.

Final Step - E-mail Mrs. Simpson with your team information: Team Name, Members, grade, Parent/Team Manager

If you have any additional questions,you can also visit the Texas DI website at: and watch the Introduction Video.

Liberty Hill ISD - Destination Imagination District Representative: Patricia Simpson

If you’d like more information, would like to sign-up as a volunteer to mentor an after-school program or sponsor a child who may not otherwise be able to participate in a club, contact Patricia Simpson at