Program Identification

Students are referred and screened at least once a year at the elementary level and once a semester at the secondary level for services provided as a part of the program for gifted students.  (See STRIVE Identification Timeline).  All kindergarten students are automatically screened for advanced level services.

Students in grades K-8 shall be assessed and, if identified, provided services. (TEC §29.122 and 19 TAC §89.1(3)) Based on a review of information gathered during the assessment process, the District Gifted and Talented Selection Committee recommends placement for students whose data reflect that program placement is the most appropriate educational setting.

The District Gifted and Talented Selection Committee is composed of a staff member from each campus who is knowledgeable in district assessment instruments used for identification and in the area of nature and needs.  Campus RtI committees are made up of a campus administrator, counselor, G/T teacher, and other campus intervention personnel. Other persons may attend the meeting as approved by the counselor or campus principal. The majority of members of the determination committee have completed thirty (30) hours of training as delineated in 19 TAC §89.2(1).

Identification practices rely on multiple criteria to look for students with gifts and talents, including multiple: time periods for screening and testing, types of information, and sources of information. No single criterion will prevent a student’s identification as gifted. The selecion committee’s decision will be based upon a thorough review of the student’s individual profile.

Students identified as gifted/talented according to the criteria established by LHISD, in accordance with the Texas Education Agency guidelines, are notified in writing and invited to participate in the STRIVE program. A conference with the family and staff is held prior to entrance to determine the level of participation best suited for the individual. A translator or interpreter is provided as needed.

Referral Process

  • LHISD will participate in an Online Referral process found on their campus home page.

  • Students may be referred during the referral period of November 1-30.

  • December 1st - teachers and campus administrators will be notified of students who are referred for assessment. Teachers must submit a portfolio and teacher perception survey to the Campus RtI Committee for determination of further testing, if referred by person other than student's parent (automatic testing required).

  • Referral request from a student’s parent will automatically be tested.

  • Nationally-normed tests scores are valid for 2 years (students may not be nominated again for 2 years).

Transfer Students

Transfer students with documented participation in a gifted and talented program in another district are referred upon enrollment, evaluated within six weeks, and placed in the STRIVE program upon recommendation from the campus committee.

Students are not served in the program until the committee makes a recommendation.

When a gifted/talented student withdraws and transfers to another district, LHISD will include information on the student’s assessment data.

Identification Timeline

Late Summer Assessment/testing for students entering grades K-8 who moved into the district after the March 1st transfer student deadline for August Placement.

Ongoing Assessment/testing for students in grades K-8 transferring into the district from another gifted program, within 30 school days of enrollment.

November Referrals submitted online for January testing for students currently enrolled in grades K-7.

March 31 Deadline for assessment/testing for students transferring into the district who have previously been identified for gifted services.

April 1 Deadline for parent notification of assessment results for placement who tested in January.

Appeal Process

Parents, students, and educators may appeal assessment decisions within in five (5) working days after placement recommendations have been communicated to the parent. An Appeal Form, available on the district website, and a letter requesting formal reconsideration with a description of the concern must be submitted to the campus principal.

Within ten (10) working days of the receipt of the appeal request for formal reconsideration, the principal shall schedule a meeting with the District Gifted and Talented Selection Committee. The person initiating the appeal shall appear before the committee in person and/or submit written testimony and evidence supporting the reconsideration.
Within ten (10) working days of the meeting, the District Gifted and Talented Selection Committee will make a decision and communicate it in writing to the person requesting the reconsideration. Should the person requesting reconsideration disagree with the District Gifted and Talented Selection Committee decision, a written request should be forwarded to the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction within ten (10) working days following communication of the Committee’s decision. The Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction or designee will appoint a hearing officer.
If the above process is unable to resolve the issue, the appeal may be brought in front of the Board of Trustees. See Local School Board Policy (FNG): Complaints concerning any final decisions of the gifted and talented selection committee regarding selection for or exit from the gifted program shall be submitted in accordance with EHBB. Furlough/Exit

Student performance in the STRIVE program is continually monitored. A conference may be held at the request of parents, students, or educators to determine the appropriateness of continuation in the STRIVE program, with specific consideration for the needs of the student’s successful participation in both the STRIVE program and his/her regular academic course of study. Students are not re-assessed without a furlough/exit request. A  formal request using the Furlough/Exit Request form must be submitted to the campus principal.

A student may be placed on furlough (leave of absence) from the STRIVE program for reasons specified by the committee. The furlough will be implemented for a period of time deemed appropriate by the committee, at which time the student’s progress will be reviewed prior to re-entry or exit from the STRIVE program. Probation measures may be considered.

A student may be exited from the STRIVE program at any time the committee determines it is in the student’s best interest, based upon multiple criteria. Exiting of students is finalized by committee decision after consultation with parents and student regarding the most appropriate educational placement. Program Identification.pdf