Title 1 Reading & Math

               Welcome to Title I Reading and Math Intervention

Your child has been identified for the Reading or Math Intervention Program either at Bill Burden Elementary or at Liberty Hill Elementary School.  We want to use this opportunity to share some important information and to welcome you to call with any questions you might have about our programs.

Our Title I Resource room ( on the front bulletin board at the Elementary and room #108 at Bill Burden) offers many quick ideas and books for parents both in English and Spanish.

We have an annual Title I meeting in the Fall and one workshop in the Spring.  Check your child’s folder or the website for more information regarding those meetings. 

Together we will work toward your child’s successful progress in reading!  If you have any questions, please call the office at the Elementary (512-515-6514) or BBES (512-260-4400). 


Liberty Hill Reading Intervention Team